By thinking openly, we open up the scope of opportunities for our clients to achieve bigger and better things.

Our business is about asking the right questions, considering possibilities and responding with well-thought out strategies and actions. We’re a values-based company and work with clients who share our values and aspirations. Through close collaboration, we provide clarity, enact positive change and empower organisations to make better business decisions concerning mine and asset planning, project delivery, strategy and people.

Our Values

Practising zero tolerance for risky conduct – safety comes first in everything.

Leadership Commitment
Leading by example, taking responsibility and embodying our culture.

Recognising the reality of others in the office, on site and with our clients.

Being true in every respect – with ourselves and with the people around us.

Ethical Behaviour
Doing business in an ethical, responsible manner and with great pride.

Openness to Possibilities
Exploring possibilities in commercial, professional and self development.

Genuine Care
Never walking away from a challenging situation and always acting on it.

Open Communication
Engaging in conversation, embracing different views and collaborating.



We combine our strategic strengths, technical capabilities and motivated people to deliver holistic solutions for clients in the mining and resource sector.



Behind every idea, strategy and process conceived at Cloonmore, there are talented and experienced individuals working to make it real.