Cloonmore Asset Optimisation is a cradle to grave business process for enhancing assets in the Mining and Energy sector.

We make it possible for our clients to maximise the efficiency and productivity of their mining and energy equipment through asset optimisation for the complete asset life cycle.  Our services cover every key area of asset management, from sourcing the right equipment, through to operational readiness, operating enhancements, maintenance and asset disposal.

Mine/Business Planning

By becoming involved at the mine/business planning stage, we’re able to provide detailed advice on the assets required to achieve optimum production and effective material movement.

Fleet/Asset Planning

Fleet/Asset planning is the critical step of ensuring that our client has the right number of the right assets to successfully perform a task and meet the objectives of the mine/business plan.

Capital Justification

Based on the recommendations proposed by the fleet/asset plan, we build a business case to justify and secure the funds necessary to meet the plan in time.

Asset Optimisation

Equipment Specification

As equipment specification advisers, our job is to make sure that the machinery being sourced meets business requirements, environmental conditions and relevant standards.

Operational Readiness

We develop maintenance strategies and tactics, setting up the maintenance systems to enable efficient maintenance planning; this can be ground up system build, or master data cleansing or updating.  We ensure that properly equipped facilities are in place to service equipment; implement systems to minimise downtime; and provide training to operators.

Build and Commissioning

Before an asset is handed over to our client, we perform quality controls, compliance inspections, risk assessments and delivery scheduling, and provide technically qualified people to safely carry out on-site commissioning.


Once an asset is operational, we identify its baseline, review efficiency and productivity rates, and continuously optimise its availability, utilisation and performance.  We run payload studies and improvement projects; utilisation improvements and cycle time improvements to name a few.


To ensure asset reliability and availability throughout its life, we provide strategy and systems for effective maintenance management, and advice on workshop efficiency.  We set up reliability improvement programs and provide skilled people to run them; we provide onsite maintenance planning and scheduling, or provide a full off site service from our high tech maintenance operations centre. We develop integrated Maintenance Management Frameworks; a key tool to transition from low to high availability and reliability; saving money in the process.

IMG_6279 (2)Cloonmore also run maintenance reviews, using a developed review tool we can come and make a baseline assessment of your maintenance operation, highlighting areas of excellence and areas requiring improvement.  We can then work with you to provide solutions, embed improvements and reassess the improved state.


When an asset reaches the end of its usable life, we carry out the processes necessary for safe, efficient, responsible and cost-effective disposal of the asset.

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