Improve Performance, Reduce Costs and Optimise Cash flow through outsourcing your maintenance planning with Cloonmore Mining & Energy.

Performance Optimisation_2Cloonmore’s Maintenance Management Service maximises up-time for our clients through the identification of improvement opportunities, robust planning and the effective implementation and embedding of industry best practices into an operation. Our Maintenance Management Framework is the key tool in transitioning from low availability and unplanned downtime, to high availability with minimal unplanned downtime.

Quite simply the Cloonmore approach improves performance and saves money.


Cloonmore Remote Planning Centre

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Cloonmore have configured a modern office environment that enables collaborative thinking, fast secure electronic access through our fibre internet connection and an environment that encourages safe and efficient work.

We understand the need to maximise efficiency and minimise costs, so by moving some roles off-site the costs associated with flights and accommodation are reduced and efficiency losses associated with shift changes are minimised.


We offer our clients a complete solution to maintenance planning:

Maintenance Tactics

Maintenance Tactics are the tools used to ensure the right maintenance is performed at the right time, to the right standard, to ensure that the required performance and reliability is achieved. Cloonmore works closely with our clients to determine the most suitable level of tactics and then build them to include components, tasks and work instructions at the most effective interval.

Long Term Planning

Long term planning is the process of identifying work to be performed in the future, the time frame is often between 3 months and 2 years ahead of time. This area of maintenance planning is critical in order to ensure that major components are changed out at the required interval and that the components are available when required.

Long term planning, by its nature of occurring well in the future, is often never completed when using a traditional site based planning approach. The result of this is increasing unplanned maintenance as long lead time items are not planned sufficiently in advance and this will often cause the onset of a spiralling fall to a breakdown environment.

By engaging Cloonmore to complete the long term planning off-site you can be assured that your maintenance activities can occur as planned.

Short Term Planning

Short term planning occurs in the window of approximately 2 weeks to 3 months ahead of time. In this window the maintenance planner is ensuring that the long lead time items will align with the replacement point based on current machine usage, that all other parts are ordered and will be available on time, any external labour is organised, work packs (job instructions and Gantt charts) are produced and any specialised tooling (cranes, etc) are booked and available.

A maintenance plan needs to be locked-in prior to entering a scheduling window, this may be a week ahead, or as little as a few days. By this time backlog work will have been added to the plan for which parts and resources are available and the plan is resource based, such that 70-80% of available labour has been assigned to planned work.

Short term planning can be achieved using a combination of on-site and off-site process. Cloonmore can cater for this by supplying personnel that work purely on-site, or a mixed roster of on/off-site work.

Maintenance Scheduling

Maintenance scheduling is a site based task that utilises the locked in maintenance plan and assigns available resources to achieve a formal work list for the next planning period (week). The scheduling process also requires consideration of breakdown work and priority backlog work.

Cloonmore can provide resources to manage the maintenance scheduling activities on your site.

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